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Proactive End-of-Summer Clean up

Thursday, 19 August 2021
Proactive End-of-Summer Clean up

Though we don't want to admit it... Summer is nearing it's end. There are a few things that are critical to clean up before the weather turns, and it's important to be proactive so you can make a scheduled plan to do some end-of-summer home maintenance! Here are a few things to look forward to:

Clean The Gutters

Before the leaves starting changing and falling, it's always good idea to clean out your gutters before they get overloaded and more difficult to clean later on.


Change The Air Filters

This is an ideal time to check, clean, or change your furnace filters or any air filtration systems your home may have. 


Garden Clean-up

Before the leaves really come down, this is the best time to trim your garden, vines, or trees so those pesky leaves don't get stuck all over your garden and make it more difficult for you to gather. 

Hopfully this short list can help get you proactively planning for your end-of-summer clean up over the next month!



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