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How It Works

Concrete Driveway

Don't replace it - JoJack it!

JoJacks specializes in the raising and leveling of concrete sidewalks, patios, pools, etc. through a process called slabjacking (also known as mudjacking, slabjacking, concrete raising, concrete lifting, concrete leveling or slab lifting.  

Slabjacking Simplified

Once we have identified the ares in needing of JoJacking, JoJacks drills holes into the sunken concrete slab and pumps a special grout mixture through the holes. This process hydraulically raises the slab to the desired height. The mixture then hardens because of the Portland cement content, providing a solid base for the slab. The slab can be walked on right away.  All of this is achieved in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to replace the concrete.

Step One

Step 1

A pattern of holes is drilled through the sunken concrete slab

Step Two

Step 2

A grout mixture is pumped under the slab, hydraulically raising the concrete slab to the desired height.

Step Three

Step 3

Once the concrete is leveled, the holes are patched using a concrete mixture.

This service is commonly known as mudjacking, slabjacking, concrete raising, concrete lifting, concrete leveling or concrete jacking.

The slabs JoJacks raises are called "floating slabs". That means they move with the ground, often sinking because when frost thaws or there's an abnormal amount of rain,
too much moisture in the ground will make the slabs float and resettle. All too often, a slab will settle on ground that has shifted, making the slab sink lower than the adjacent one
and causing an unsafe trip hazard.

Because of the shifting nature of the soil, the mix JoJacks uses to raise the concrete slab has to be a material with some of the same properties as the earth base.
In particular, absorbing or releasing moisture at the same rate as the soil does.



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